Our Story

In 2014, Kearsarge House owners Elaine and Michael Morgillo began testing interest in opening the York Beach Residence Club, the Short Sands Beach landmark, prior to renovating the 1898 structure. The vision was ambitious: develop an affordable higher-end option for people to enjoy the beauties of York Beach without having to spend half a million. They loved the concept of allowing visitors to be able to spend more than just the summer in York. The vision benefited potential owners, guests, and the community. Next came the work.

The Rendering

In 2015 with the support of the Historical District Commission, Elaine and Michael Morgillo began the process of making their vision become a reality. The goal was to design a beautiful building that would enhance the image of York Beach while maintaining the Southern Maine charm. After the rendering, a formal proposal to rebuild the Kearsarge House was submitted and approved by the city.

Taking Shape

By the end of 2016, York Beach Residence Club's beauty and charm was evident. Prior to opening, all three of the retail spaces were sold including the one restaurant space. People noticing the potential and luxury jumped on the opportunity to become an owner. Eighty percent of all the fractional share condominiums were sold.  The Morgillos' goal of changing the tenor of York Beach to more of a year-round community appeared to be coming to fruition. 

A Reality

The beginning of 2017 marked the grand opening of the York Beach Residence Club and Luxury Resort. The final design honors the iconic Kearsarge House and enhances the community of York Beach, Maine. Owners and guests are literally just footsteps away from the beach. Reservation inquiries and ownership continues to increase. The York Beach Residence Club will sell its remaining units, and then it will focus on resort reservations and club owner experience. Contact us now to reserve a room or to learn more about ownership.